High Torque Starters for the Ford Kent Motor

BritishStarters.com is proud to announce that we now offer a High Torque Starter for the Ford/Kent motors found on many cars in the 1960's & 70's.

The Ford Kent Crossflow engine (1298 cc and 1599 cc) powered the Morgan which used the Crossflow on the Morgan 4/4.  TVR also used the Kent motor for a period of time in the 1970's.  Caterham utilized the Kent motor for the Caterham 7.  It has also been fitted in countless other applications as well, being a favourite of kit-car builders not only in Great Britain.

4/4 1600 (1968-1971) 

TVR Jomar (1957-1959)
Grantura I, II, III (1958-1964)
Vixen S1, S2, S3 (1967-1972)
1600M (1972-1977)

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