Morgan Plus Four LM62- The 1962 LeMans Winning Tribute

Introducing the Morgan Plus Four LM62. That name won’t need any explaining, but some of the car’s features might, because this isn’t any Plus Four. Available in Morgan Jet Green or Morgan Tertre Rouge, and fitted with a Heritage White hardtop, the colour palette pays tribute to the Le Mans-winning car. Unique details include a bespoke graphics pack – which comprises roundels with TOK 258’s number ‘29’ – an LM62 rear badge, silver-painted wire wheels, Le Mans-style fuel filler cap, domed rear panel and active sports exhaust with black tailpipes, along with options including two-eared wheel spinners and a Moto-Lita steering wheel.

Inside, details such as LM62 laser-engraved door pulls, perforated leather seats with embroidered headrests, satin lacquer rubber mats, and a Tawny wood centre-tunnel top and dashboard come together to pay homage to the 1962 Le Mans car. Each vehicle features a numbered plaque, because – naturally – only 62 cars will be built.

Morgan Chairman and CEO, Steve Morris, said: “The 1962 Le Mans class-winning Morgan Plus 4 holds a special place in the hearts of Morgan enthusiasts, employees and owners around the world. It marked one of Morgan greatest motorsport achievements, covering more than 2,200 miles at an average running speed of almost 94mph, and triumphing – like David vs Goliath – over our bigger and better-funded rivals of the time.

“With the Morgan Plus Four LM62, we pay homage to this famous vehicle and incredible moment in time, 60 years on. Limited to just 62 individually numbered examples, the bespoke touches and enhanced level of standard specification make these cars an enticing proposition for customers wanting a piece of Morgan history.”

The Plus Four LM62 made its public debut on 16 January the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble in Oxfordshire, UK. Available from Morgan Dealers globally, in left- or right-hand drive, and with the choice of manual or automatic transmission, the Plus Four LM62 is on sale now. In the UK, it’s priced from £78,995. For pricing in other regions please consult your local Dealer.

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