NEW PRODUCT: Ariel Atom Billet Wheel Adapters

Ariel Atom owners are stuck.  Yes, they are stuck with a blazing fast car that handles like it is on rails, but, they are also stuck with wheels and hubs with an odd bolt pattern.  This limits the owners to using only Atom wheel provided by the factory.  Not any more.

Our custom billet wheel adapters fit all Ariel Atoms, (EXCLUDING SRA).  Ariel Atoms come from the factory with 4 x 95.25mm (3.75") bolt pattern (same as the old Triumph GT6's, TR7's, and TR8's).  Our aircraft grade billet wheel adapters convert from this odd bolt pattern to a modern 4x100.

Don't have (or want) 4x100 wheels?  Email us with your wheel dimensions.
We can custom build adapters to your specifications.

Our adapters come complete with hardened 12mm (1.50 thread) wheel studs that accept standard 12mm lug nuts. 

Now you can run new, lightweight aftermarket alloy rims. There are hundreds of styles available in this bolt pattern.  They will also allow you to use many different factory-made rims from other vehicles. Most importantly, they maintain the correct wheel offset so that no rubbing will occur when used properly.  Lifetime Warranty.  

Link:  Ariel Atom Billet Wheel Adapters

Another innovative product from Classic Car Performance, Inc.


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