Porsche 356 Weber Conversion Kit
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Porsche 356 - Dual 40 IDF Weber Carburetor Conversion Kit

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Porsche 356 

The Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetor was introduced on the 1600N and 1600S engines, and were used through the 356C (1961-1965). 

The Solex 40 PII NDIX Carburetor was introduced on the Super 90 engine in 1959. These carbs employed a solid shaft and were used on the 356SC engine.

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  • Genuine Weber 40 IDF's
  • Intake manifold (x2)
  • Gaskets
  • Air Filters
  • Studs, Washers, Nuts.

The 40 IDF is the carb the 356 should have left the factory with.  40 IDF carburetors  provide a terrific combination of fuel economy and performance. The Weber IDF series will fit nicely under the engine deck lid of your 356.  The increased power and torque produced by Weber 40 IDF carburetors will be felt the first time you row through the gears.

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