Jaguar xke etype 45 doce Weber triple carb kit
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Jaguar 4.2L Triple Weber Manifold and Carb Conversion Kit

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1964 - 1972 Jaguar 4.2L (all variants).
(will also work on XKE 3.8L - see note below)
(will also work on XJ6's - see note below)
You know you want this!!  You've always dreamed about getting this kind of set-up.  High performance side-draft carbs are still the enthusiast's choice to extract maximum power from the 4.2L engine. 

The kit includes: Intake Manifold, linkage, (3)Genuine Weber 45 DCOE 152 carburetors, and ram pipes.  

  • We will jet the carb for a stock 4.2 liter engine with the following setup unless you specify otherwise. 
  • 6x 61450.027 f2 e-tube
    6x 73401.165 main jet
    6x 74821.065 idle jet
    6x 76801.040 pump jet
    6x 77401.190 air corrector
    3x 79701.050 exhaust valve

  • We can custom jet for an additional fee.  Side-draft Carb installation and tuning requires experience.  If you are a novice, we recommend that you have an experienced mechanic tune and synchronize the final product. 
  • Choke setup:  Run the stock, single choke wire through the enrichment circuit of all 3 carbs. Cut the cable sheath back to align with the 1st carb in the row, then pass the wire through #2 and #3.

  • Also fits the 3.8L:  To use this kit on your 3.8L you will need
    1. XKE 4.2L Series II Thermostat Housing : Click here
    2. XKE 4.2L Intake Gasket
  • Also fits carbureted Jaguar XJ6.  You will also need the following:  
    1. XKE 4.2L Series II Thermostat Housing : Click here
  • ** Will NOT work on fuel injected XJ's **
  • We will provide for tech support free of charge!


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