Ethanol Fuels can damage your Classic

Fuel related problems, we had several this year and all of them are related to the fact that most Classic car owners don’t know that you can’t use regular fuel in your classic car.
Premium, Non-Ethanol is the fuel that has to be used.  Ethanol attracts moister in the fuel, and the result is that all metal parts in the fuel system will start to rust, the fuel itself will gel, especially when the car is parked for long periods of time.
The result of all this will be a very rough running engine, or not running at all. You could get the engine will run for a couple of miles, and start to sputter.   Waiting for a few minutes, it will fire up again and behave for a couple of miles, and then sputter again.  Does this sound like your engine?

Do yourself (or your mechanic) a favor, use only premium, non-ethanol fuel in your classic car to ensure miles and miles of happy motoring.

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