Post a Link - Receive $25

* Purchase any product on our website.

* Post a write-up with a link to our website ( on your favorite social sites (Facebook, classic car forums, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).

* Email us a link to your posting.

* Receive a $25 discount code to be used towards future purchases.

We are classic car owners like yourselves.  Our goal is to help all of you keep your cars where they belong - on the road.  Whether it is to make a run to your favorite ice cream shop, or to a bbq across town.  

Classic Car Performance does not have a huge marketing budget like big-box commercial parts suppliers.  We prefer to take that money and turn it into new, innovative products for you. This also helps keep out prices much lower than anyone else (ie. wire wheels).

So, to help us get the word out about our site and our products, we are asking YOU to tell the world about our cool stuff.  In return, we will reward you with a discount towards future products (for your car, or maybe a friend's).

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