Christmas Is Almost Here.....

KICKSTART YOUR LONG-AWAITED PROJECTS, AND LESSEN THE LOAD THAT SANTA WILL HAVE TO CARRY IN HIS SLEIGH. From our best selling chrome wire wheels, to our powerful high torque starters, to our power enhancing Weber Carb Kits, we have something to help your car reach its full performance potential. - Choose your High Torque Starter from the company that started the segment. Your trip starts with - every time!!! - The one and only.  Preferred by restoration specialists, dealers, and DIY'ers the world over. LIFETIME WARRANTY on every starter in the category. - The absolute best wire wheel money can buy. PRICE GUARANTEE: We will beat any competitors advertised price. British cars deserve British Wire Wheels!! - Bring your car out of the "dark ages". Upgrade to LED driving lights so you can actually see what's in front of you. - Weber carbs, intakes, alloy heads, LED headlight kits, and more.  Wake up your car to it's untapped performance potential.

A good chunk of our time is in the warehouse filling orders. For the fastest response, email us: (PREFERRED), 
Phone: 518-290-0390.