July 2021: Happy Summer!! Now is a great time to add those long-awaited upgrades!

As we come to the close of July, it is time for us to count everything in the warehouse from top to bottom to make sure we have what our computers tell us we have. But don't fret. We are still shipping product, but your item(s) may go out a day or two later than planned. We apologize up front for this, but we want to make sure we are ready for our next round of sales, and for sending parts to the North Pole to have Santa help us with deliveries in December.


Thanks to the unprecidented growth here at Classic Car Performance, we are excited to offer a 5% discount off all products in the BritishWireWheels.com category (wire wheels, hubs, knockoffs, etc.)   Now is the best time to upgrade your classic. (Savings automatically deducted at checkout)

BritishStarters.com - the company that started it all, and has been the world's #1 source for High Torque Gear Reduction Starters for the past 20yrs.  Don't trust a cheap knock-off of unknown origins.

FerrariStarters.com - The one and only.  Preferred by restoration specialists, dealers, and DIY'ers the world over. LIFETIME WARRANTY on every starter in the category.

BritishWireWheels.com - The absolute best wire wheel money can buy. PRICE GUARANTEE: We will beat any competitors advertised price. British cars deserve to drive on British Wire Wheels!!  Don't settle for anything less.

ClassicCarPerformance.com - Weber carbs, intakes, alloy heads, and more.  Wake up your car to it's untapped performance potential.

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