MGA MGB Alloy Aluminum Cylinder Head
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MGA MGB - Aluminum Cylinder Head

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Fits all MGA and MGB
"B-Series" motors

  • 6061 aluminum saves weight and improves heat dissipation and cooling. 
  • Nickel/steel valve seats.
  • Silicon/bronze valve guides (safely use unleaded fuel).
  • Modern porting and combustion chamber finishing for increased efficiency, while retaining stock chamber volume. 
  • Smog legal with stock emission control equipment. 
  • If required, water choke port must be drilled. 
  • Important: Check valve interferences on pre-18V blocks.
  • NOTE:  our non-smog port heads can be used on MGB's with the smog equipment removed.

We came out with this modern aluminum cylinder head over 20yrs ago for those MGA and MGB owners who’s cast iron heads have cracked (or are about to).  Utilizing today casting, porting technologies gives us a fantastic replacement head that keeps these wonderful cars on the road - where they belong.  You can order either the early “non-smog port” or later “smog port” head if your car retains the original smog equipment.  If you want to lose the performance robbing smog equipment, order the "non-smog port" head, and ditch all the other bits for a peppier ride.

We run this head on our shop MGA and couldn’t be happier.  We notice that the engine runs cooler with this alloy head, and am sure you will too.

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