Who is Classic Car Performance, Inc.?

Years before Classic Car Performance, there was BritishStarters.com.  BritishStarters.com opened its doors in 2001 when its founder, Martin Ferrillo (aka "Doc Martin") searched for a starter solution to help his ailing MGB starter.  Frustrated with multiple rebuilds, he decided to mate a modern-day high torque starter to his 30+yr old roadster.  From that one MG Starter, he expanded his offerings to include high torque starters for most English Classics built between the 1940's and 1990's.  The list quickly expanded to Italian supercars, including Ferrari and Lamborghini.  He also was instrumental in bringing the modern roller rocker arm to these same British cars - quieting down the drivetrain and gaining a moderate bump in engine performance.

In 2011, with his medical practice taking most of his time and attention, Doc Martin sold the company to Dave Austin, and the name of the company changed to Classic Car Performance to better encompass all of its offerings.  Martin has kept a hand in the R&D of new products, while Dave took on the day to day operations.  Product lines expanded to include Maserati starters, and powerful Diesel starters for Land Rovers.

In 2016, Classic Car Performance inked a deal with the world-famous MWS (previously known as Dunlop Wire Wheels) from the U.K. to sell their wire wheels. Under the name BritishWireWheels.com, we will be their exclusive North American distributor of Jaguar wire wheels, as well as offering wire wheels for numerous other British Cars. 

The team here at Classic Car Performance are enthusiast too. At any given time, we have an Aston Martin, an MGB, a TR3b, an MGTC, an AH3000, a Lotus, a Series Land Rover, or an XKE in our parking lot.  We love our classic British automobiles as much as our customers.  We strive to offer the very best products so our customers can keep their cars out on the road - where they belong....

If you don't see your car or performance part listed, drop us a line. We are always looking to expand our offerings.

Classic Car Performance, Inc. ships globally, typically with 48-72hrs of you ordering.  We are located in Saratoga Springs, NY.  If you would like to contact us, the best method is email:  Info@ClassicCarPerformance.com.  Our phone is 518-290-0390.  If we are in the warehouse or with another customer, please leave a message and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

 Happy Motoring !!