NEW PRODUCT - 7" Lucas Headlight LED Conversion Kit

Why LED headlights?  Because you deserve to see (and be seen) in your classic.

LED lamps offer several advantages over incandescent lamps: 

  • More light output
  • Faster response
  • Less heat
  • Lower current draw
  • Better shock and vibration tolerance

This is a pair of top quality, H4 LED headlights made with the latest Z-ES chips (one of the brightest on the market) which produce a clean white focused light, no glare, and a very well defined beam that replicates the low and main beam pattern of a standard H4 halogen bulb. 

Each bulb has been specifically designed to mimic the dimensions of a standard H4 Halogen bulb.  As a result, you can be confident that they will produce an improved brighter and whiter light.  They are designed for negative ground cars, and work on both LHD and RHD cars.

Our LED's switch on immediately to give you instant light at maximum brightness.  There is no cooling fan, so therefore no moving parts to fail.  They WILL improve your night time driving experience. 

Worried that you will lose the classic look by upgrading to LED lighting?  Don't.  We incorporate our bulbs in Lucas headlight buckets, so you keep the original look, while improving illumination exponentially.

Find your new headlights HERE.

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