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Aston Martin Custom DB6 Jaguar Kit MG Starter TF Wire Wheel

When customers call in to our shop, the first thing you don’t here is” “What’s your customer number, and the first part number”. We work with you to understand what you want for your vehicle, and what options you have to get that done. 

Sure we process straight orders for standard wire wheel sets and high torque starters on a daily basis, but a growing portion of our business is custom kits; solutions not found at other retailers catering to vintage car owners. 

From the Huffaker Ferrari 308 Race Car  ,                    

        to a VW/Bugatti kit car ,                

        to an Aston Martin DB4 tribute..  

We have helped quite a range of owners with their "out of the box" thinking.   If you can dream it, we can work with you to make it a reality.  Just because you haven’t seen it, or you don’t know of anyone else that has done it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. 

Contact us with your idea, and let our team work with you to make your vison a reality.  We use today’s technology to make yesterday’s cars better.  What can we do for yours?

- The Team at Classic Car Performance, Inc.

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