Rolls Royce Cloud I Bentley S1 High Torque Gear Reduction Starter

Rolls Royce Cloud I / Bentley S1 (1957-on) - High Torque Starter

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High Torque Gear Reduction Starter for the Rolls Royce Cloud I or Bentley S1.
NOTE: This starter will fit VIN# SED-131 and later models (@ May 1957 on)

This modern, compact, powerful starter replaces the massive, antiquated starter found in these 6 cyl motors.  

IMPORTANT:  Early Cloud 1's use an inertia starter, and have a ridge along the outside edge of the flywheel. (see photo below).  This ridge blocks the pinion gear on our starter.  Documents obtained from Rolls Royce show the flywheel design and starter changed @May 1957.  If you are unsure if our starter will work in your car, simply look at your flywheel.  If you can see the teeth on the outside of the flywheel, our starter will work.  If your flywheel has the edge as seen in the photo below, unfortunately, our starter won't work.

Benefits of upgrading to our Gear Reduction Starter:

Spins your motor faster at start up.

Less Taxing on your Battery - Requires ½ the cranking amps of your old starter.

Physically Smaller - Weighs less than ½ of the outgoing starter. (Easier installation, and more room in your engine compartment)

Advanced Design - 5 roller bearings to support the armature vs. 2 antiquated bushings in your Lucas starter. (increased efficiency, reliability, & reduced parts wear)

Customizable - Our mounting plate comes with multiple holes, so you can rotate the body of the starter if you prefer.

Eliminate "Hot Start Issues" - the aluminum case and vent hole allows our starter to "breathe" and dissipate the heat buildup.

Requires no permanent modifications - fits 100% of the time.

LIFETIME WARRANTY !!  Yes, you read that correctly, LIFETIME WARRANTY. is the World's #1 supplier of High Torque Gear Reduction starters since 2001.


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