Automobile Museums Around the World

Some kids like to play with dinosaurs and dolls, sea animals or musical instruments. Others, like my son, mostly want to play with just one thing: cars. Yes, my son is obsessed with vehicles, and has been since he could start showing a preference for toys.  If your kiddo is anything like mine, you might find yourself at local race tracks and car meet-ups. But if you’re looking for some truly car-centric spots, check out these destinations in the United States and beyond.  Our kids will one day be the caretakers of our MG's, Jag's, Triumph's et al.  Keep the passion alive by touring a car museum, either across town, or while on a road trip.

Many of these museums put on events like open houses, auctions, swap meets, workshops, and other fun events and they are a great resource for car and motorsport enthusiasts.

Find a museum near your location and find out everything that it has to offer!

Check out our other automobile museums maps:

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