Priority Start 12 Volt Automatic Battery Protector
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Priority Start 12 Volt Automatic Battery Protector

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The Priority Start 12-Volt PROMAX Automatic Battery Power Protector is an innovative electromechanical device that keeps any 12 volt battery from going dead, saving you money by maximizing the life of your vehicle’s battery and alternator.   It works seamlessly on all Classic Cars !!
With 3 easy connections, PROMAX installs in less than 15 minutes, no hard wiring required.
  • Easy to use: no buttons to push, no timer to set, no hood to lift
  • Totally automatic, computerized voltage disconnect system protects your starting power, battery and alternator
  • Constantly monitors battery voltage when key is off
  • Detects and automatically disconnects then automatically reconnects by operating headlight switch
  • Patented technology disables the system when engine is running if battery voltage drops below disconnected threshold
  • Mil-Standard (military strength) components
  • Voltage “spike” protection
  • Patented microprocessor
  • Battery power indicator
  • Vibration/shock-protected
  • Fix-Before-Failure
  • Gear Drive System (30% stronger than original design)
  • Universal design fits and works with any 12-volt top or side post batteries
  • 4 U.S. patents
  • Operates only when needed
  • Dead batteries and alternators can cost thousands of dollars! PROMAX helps you prevent...
    • Lost Man Hours
    • Down time
    • Lack of vehicle availability
    • Expensive road calls
    • Battery and alternator damage
  • U.L. tested
  • Certified to S.A.E. J1171, I.S.O. 8846 standards, C.E., and E-marking

How to Install:

  1. Connect POSITIVE cable wire to the top of the Priority Start Unit.
  2. Connect the Red cable on the Priority Start to the POSITIVE TERMINAL on the battery.
  3. Connect the ground wire on the Priority Start to the NEGATIVE terminal on the battery.

That's it !!

How it Works Video

Installation Video

Dual Battery Installation Diagram.

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