MGB Salisbury Axle Wire Wheel Conversion Kit

MGB - Wire Wheel Conversion Kit (1968-1980 - Salisbury Axle)

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This kit converts steel wheel MGB's with the later Salisbury Axle to accept splined wire wheels.  These are integral hubs, similar to cars that left the factory with wire wheels.

This is also the kit you need if your old splined hubs are worn and need replacing (see picture).  A worn spline can be VERY dangerous and allow your wheel to separate from the car.

(4)  42mm Splined Hubs (bolts provided on rear splines) - 8tpi
(4)  2-ear "Knockoff" spinners (2 left / 2 right) - 8tpi
(8) Mounting Nuts

"All MGB GTs and MGB roadsters built from 1966/7 were fitted with the Salisbury rear axle. To verify what type of axle is fitted to your MGB (axles are sometimes changed) look at the differential housing. If there is a cover that is bolted on then it's a Salisbury axle; if there are no bolts at the rear but a series of nuts at the front of the differential then the axle is the earlier Banjo type."
(Source : 'Enjoying MG' June 2012 p.35)

(Product Source:  England)

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