Triumph Spitfire GT6 Wire Wheel Conversion Kit

Triumph Spitfire / GT6 / Lotus 7 - Wire Wheel Conversion Kit

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These kits fit the following:
Triumph Spitfire (all models)
Triumph GT6 (all models)
Lotus 7

This kit converts steel wheel cars (listed above) to accept splined wire wheels.  Simply bolt them on, add your new wire wheels from, tighten the spinners, and off you go. 


  • Option #1 - hubs are specific to stock Spitfire and GT6 13" wheels.  They are considered "Short Nose" hubs.
  • Option #2 - hubs for customers wanting to run wheels from an MGB, or TR series car (14" or 15").  These are considered "long nose" hubs.  IMPORTANT - make sure your suspension is in proper order to run larger wire wheels and tires.

      (see attached picture for visual - the depth of the stock splines is "shorter", or shallower, and the splines on the "long nose" hubs are longer to accept larger wire wheels.

* NOTE:  These bolt-on splined hubs will increase your track approximately 1.25" per corner.

Everything you need is included:
4 Splined Hubs
16 mounting nuts
4 "Knockoff" spinners (2 left / 2 right)

  (Product Source:  England)

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