Triumph Spitfire GT6 Wire Wheel Conversion Kit

Triumph Spitfire / GT6 / Lotus 7 - Wire Wheel Conversion Kit

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This kit fits the following:
Triumph Spitfire (all models)
Triumph GT6 (all models)
Lotus 7

This kit converts steel wheel cars (listed above) to accept splined wire wheels.  Simply bolt them on, add your new wire wheels from, tighten the spinners, and off you go. 

IMPORTANT:  These hubs are specific to Spitfire and GT6 wheels.  They are considered "Short Nose" hubs (see attached picture for visual) because the depth of the splines is "shorter", or shallower, than the splines used on TR's for example.
If you found a set of TR4 wheels in the barn and want to use this kit to fit them, it won't work.  You will need a different Wire Wheel Conversion Kit.

* NOTE:  These bolt-on splined hubs will increase your track approximately 1.25" per corner.

Everything you need is included:
4 Splined Hubs
16 mounting nuts
4 "Knockoff" spinners (2 left / 2 right)

  (Product Source:  England)

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