MGA MGB - Aluminum Crossflow Cylinder Head
Classic Car Performance

MGA MGB - Aluminum Crossflow Cylinder Head

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Fits all MGA and MGB motors.  (Assembled Head Shown)

Based on the famous 1960's cast iron Derrington crossflow heads, Classic Car Performance takes these brand new 9lb powerhouses to a whole new level of performance.  

  • Horsepower increases of 20% to 45% based on engine modifications. (Our modified 1970 MGB Crossflow shop car shows 145hp at the wheels)
  • 50% weight savings over your old, heavy cast iron head.
  • Improved heat dissipation for a cooler running engine, and it will reduce the risk of "pinging" if you are running higher compression.
  • Standard specs carry over from stock head, so parts can be transferred and reused (valves, springs).
  • Stock camshaft can be reused with good performance, but a "hotter" cam can be introduced for greater performance gains.
  • Valve clearances adjusted to factory specifications, or those provided by your camshaft manufacturer.

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