Morgan Plus 8 Wire Wheel Conversion Kit

Morgan Plus 8 Wire Wheel Conversion Kit

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  • This Bolt-On kit converts steel wheel all Morgan Plus 8 models (1968 to 1994) to accept splined wire wheels.  
  • This is the easiest, and quickest way to make your classic a wire wheel car!
  • This is also the kit you need if your old bolt-on splined hubs are worn and need replacing (see picture).  A worn spline can be VERY dangerous and allow your wheel to separate from the car.

Kit Includes:
(4)  42mm Bolt-On Splined Hubs, 5x5" bolt pattern - 8tpi threads
(4)  2-ear "Knockoff" spinners (2 left / 2 right) - 8tpi
(20) Mounting Nuts

  (Product Source:  England)

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