Wire Wheel Cone Balancer

Wire Wheel Cone Balancing Tools

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When balancing centre lock wire wheels it is essential that the wheels are located on the balancing machine in exactly the same manner as located on the car and manufacturer's truing jigs.
This means that the seat of the wheel centre must be located on a matching cone, and the front of the wheel centre should be held in place with a matching cup.
This raises some issues when going to the majority of tyre centres/garages as they are geared to balancing wheels for modern cars, and do not have the correct tooling to successfully and accurately balance centre lock wire wheels. To add further to the problem, most tyre fitters do not realise the importance of fitting the wheel on the dynamic wheel balancing machine in the same manner as it fits on to the car. The result is a bewildered fitter, adding exessive quantities of balance weights to try and make sense of the machine's readings.
This tool gives the classic car owner the freedom to go to virtually any tyre centre/garage and accurately have your wheels balanced.
The set comes with interchangeable parts to accommodate the three most commonly used spindle sizes on dynamic balancing : 36mm, 38mm and 40mm. It also comes with two cup sizes to fit 42mm (MG's, Healey's, Triumph, Lotus, etc.) and 52mm (Jaguar and Volvo) centre lock wheels. A 32mm cup is also available to fit Ferrari classics.

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